On Saturday, March 28th at 1 p.m. Carter County Democrats will meet to hold their bi-annual reorganization at the Carter County Courthouse in Elizabethton. Nominations and elections will take place for the office of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections will also be held for Executive Committee members. Nominations can be offered from the floor.

All Carter County Democrats are invited and encouraged to attend. The party is looking forward to strengthening its numbers and effectively organizing to place Democrats in all levels of offices as the state party seeks to reach its long-term goal of turning Tennessee blue again.

There will be a regular meeting of the Carter County Democratic Women on Tuesday, October 28th. The meeting will be at Dino’s Restaurant on Elk Avenue in Downtown Elizabethton. The business meeting will start at 6 p.m. with Pat Buck presiding. Those who would like to fellowship and have their dinner are requested to arrive by 5:15 p.m. in order to be able to order and be served before the meeting. Meeting topics will include 2014 updates on candidates and amendment initiatives. There will also be planning for the upcoming Christmas banquet and the silent auction.

The Carter County Democratic Party has launched a proactive campaign to build its base and to define itself rather than letting others do the defining. Citing a need to make the Democratic brand one that “closet” Democrats are will to be associated with, County Chair Ramon Sanchez-Vinas said conditions are right to make northeast Tennessee a must do stop for future political campaigns by Democratic contenders; we can be competitive. The time is ideal for bringing these forces together; that starts with reminding the public what Democrats has accomplished in the past, and by absence, what Republicans have not.

Sanchez-Vinas says “I am tired of hearing Democrats say that fear there vehicle will be vandalized or they will be frowned upon if their neighbors know they are a Democrat. This is supposed to be a democracy and the vindictive crowd needs to get over it and work toward a government that can work for everyone, not just the privileged or connected.Democrats have been responsible for most of the middle and working class gains and social protections during the past 75 years. We need to remind the public of who we are and what we stand for on a wide range of issues”.

Persons interested in running for future political office as a Democrat are encouraged to contact the party now and to meet with leaders to discuss their plans and to build a coalition to help them. That is one element of the outreach initiative; finding and nurturing viable candidates we can support.

Regionally, devoted Democrats have been meeting on a regular weekly basis at the Democrat Resource Center to build a multi-county coalition that can get things done. The Democrat Resource Center has been instrumental in developing positions on key legislative programs, hosting educational forums and the recent senatorial candidate debate, and raising funds for media initiatives to support candidates and issues.

Persons wanting to get involved or stay involved are encouraged to regular visit www.carterdems.com to find out about meetings and updated happenings. We can be contacted via the website. Persons wanting to help us financially can do so by donating through the ActBlue link at the top of the website.

Johnson City, Tennessee – October 21, 2014- Citing a need for voters to have a clear understanding of where they stand on the issues, Democratic candidate for US Senate Gordon Ball and Tea Party candidate for US Senate Tom Emerson, Jr. are participating in a series of statewide town hall style meetings. Republican incumbent Lamar Alexander has also been extended an invitation.

This Friday, October 24th, they will be in Johnson City at the Holiday Inn at 101 Springbrook Drive to hold a one hour question and answer forum. The forum will be in the Taylor-A room beginning at 11:30 a.m. Attendees will be given an opportunity to write questions and the moderator will ask the candidates to respond within allotted time to allow as many questions as possible.

The candidate will have their campaign literature available to the public further defining their respective stand on the issues. This meeting is being sponsored by local citizens dedicated to having an informed electorate that helps select the best person to hold public office. The public is invited.

The Carter County Democratic Party will meet on Saturday, October 11 at 10 a.m. at the Carter County Courthouse. The focus will be on getting out the vote strategies and initiatives for the November election.

Rob Martin, who is working tirelessly to win the Tennessee House of Representatives Sixth District seat will address party members on issues and update attendees on campaign progress. Other election ballot issues will also be discussed including the Four Constitutional Amendments that will be on the ballot.

In an encouraging sign Party Chair Ramon Sanchez-Vinas has been contacted by past active Democrats who plan to attend to see the reinvigorated party. “I see this as a positive sign for Democrats as this is happening all over the State of Tennessee as the campaign of Gordon Ball for US Senate to retire Lamar Alexander has gained traction. Also, the proposed Four Constitutional Amendments have raised the interest of many groups, both for and against. This confluence should make for a stronger than normal voter turnout in an off election year.”

All Democrats are invited to attend and encourage others to as well.

Carter County Dems attend Gordon Ball fundraiser.

Ramon Sanchez-Vinas, Carter County Democratic Party Chair, has announced the party will meet in regular session on Saturday, June 14th, 2014 at 10 a.m. in the Commission Chamber’s of the Carter County Courthouse. The party will conduct its regular business, discuss new business, and identify issues and initiatives that promote democratic values and serve to support the working and middle class. Persons interested in learning more about the county party are encouraged to attend.

Patricia Buck, President of the Carter County Democratic Women’s group announced their regularly scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, May 27th, at Dino’s Restaurant on Elk Avenue in downtown Elizabethton. Persons planning to attend and would like to join in fellowship to eat are asked to be there by 5:30. The meeting will start promptly at 6 pm. The Carter County Democratic Women seek to promote democratic values and addressing issues that affect middle and working class citizens.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron today called for Congressional Republicans to stop harming Tennessee businesses and working families by ending the government shutdown.

“A small faction of one party in one House in one branch of the government has shut down the government and taken the American economy hostage,” Herron […]

E.A.T.S. – Everyone Acting Together in Solidarity is holding its 2nd Annual Free BBQ on Saturday, September 14th from 1-5 pm. at the Old Kiwanis Park off Est Market Street in Johnson City. And it is free to you, but a donation to help the cause will be appreciated.

The groups main focus is on ending hunger “Together We Can End World Hunger..A World Without Hunger is Possible”. However, this year they are also seeking to rally local support to help retail and fast food workers get decent wages by rallying for “A Living Wage is a Moral Value..Families Can’t Survive on $7.25. ”

I don’t know where you stand on the issue, but let’s connect the dots. As a country we have outsourced a staggering amount of production to other countries, depleting our own base manufacturing jobs in the process. With unemployment stuck at a level that seems to not budge, more and more workers in retail and fast food are adults with families to support. There goes jobs for youth and young adults. Retail and fast food workers earning $7.25 cannot support a family and are forced to seek government aid and subsidies, not because they want to, but because they have to supplement low wages.

Retail and fast food workers earning a higher base wage would stimulate their local economies by being able to afford more of the necessities without government or non-profit assistance. That in turn generates demand; demand for base manufacturing goods and that means more base jobs. If we would wean ourselves from reliance on cheap overseas labor and pay just a little more for USA made goods, it would be a win/win for all. The dots are there to connect, think about it. By insisting that everything be done on the cheap, we are only hurting ourselves. It’s a vivious circle and a downward spiral.

Please come and support E.A.T.S. and get behind their efforts to achieve a more just and equal worker economy. You can visit them at www.facebook.com/everyoneinsolidarity

Hope to see you next Saturday.

This Friday’s Democratic Women’s Yard Sale is your opportunity to help your Democratic Party underwrite its aggressive agenda of promoting “Building a Stronger Middle Class”. All or a portion of the proceeds are going to support the Democrat Resource Center and its vital work in the region.

Please be sure to donate items to the sale by dropping them off at Janet Hyder’s home located at 324 West Doe Avenue, Elizabethon. To get there turn off West Elk Avenue onto Holly Lane and go up the hill. Turn left onto West Doe Avenue, 324 will be on the right.

Remember, this Friday, July 19th is the sale date so please plan delivery of your donated items accordingly. Thanks